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Avrick Direct, Inc. is a direct marketing company specializing in data compilation. In business for 57 years, we apply our wealth of direct marketing knowledge and experience to sourcing, combining and creating data. Our lists are known for their large volume, speed to market, accuracy and hygiene.

Cyber Multi Channel Email Addresses
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Our CYBER MULTI CHANNEL email list program solves all of your email list problems and will NOT cause you the normal headaches you experience with an email list.  


  • Because of its RECENCY our data is FRESH and CLEAN - you'll have fewer bounces and avoid problems with being blacklisted.
  • Our data is RESPONSIVE - it is being used for a hundred different offers right now.  The list is super hot as they have all made an Internet purchase just last week.  These people are in the mood to buy.
  • The QUANTITY OF DATA IS MASSIVE - 1,200,000 per week (that's 62,400,000 a year).

Best of all ... you do not have to pay anything upfront to receive this weekly file... because we are happy to rev/share this data with you.

There is no other list on the market that is this clean – this fresh, and opt-in that is offered on a revenue sharing basis!

Call the numbers below right now and request a FREE TEST!

We will immediately send you this week's 1.2 million records.

Each record contains:

  1. The complete name 
  2. The current postal address 
  3. An accurate email address 
  4. Full permission information the URL, date and time they opted in.

Then ... prove to yourself how valuable this data will be to you and your bottom line.

After that, let's sign an agreement and we'll send you a new 1.2 million file each and every week.  

You report revenue and pay us half - it's that easy!


For more information contact:
Doreen Burk 805.683.6551 x1 (

Laurence Shoobs 805.683.6551 x5 (

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Cyber Multi Channel Email Addresses